How to Increase Store Walk-ins Using Targeted Marketing

How to Increase Store Walk-ins Using Targeted Marketing

It's no secret that online sales are becoming more and more popular. As reported by Tech Crunch, 2018's Cyber Monday rang in close to $8 billion in online sales in one 24-hour period, which is up close to 20 percent from the year before. In addition, just over $2 billion of that total was from sales made on smartphones (

With everyone shopping online these days, increasing the foot traffic in your local business can seem like an impossible task. However, all is not lost for the physical store. With the right retail marketing tactics, you can target your consumers and entice them to visit your business.

Go prospecting with sales data

The science of data has been a tool retailers have used for years to define their target markets, but these days, they are able to dig really deep into the details to uncover new insights that boost profits and sales while creating satisfied return customers at the same time. If you're not using customer sales data as the basis for your retail marketing campaigns, you're making it harder for yourself to be successful. With reward apps like CatchCoin offering sales data for free as part of their service, now is the time to take a closer look at your consumers so you can create personalized marketing campaigns that speak to your target audience and get your message across loud and clear.

Discover your opportunities - and your barriers

When you take a look at customer data and compare it to the same periods from the previous year, you will be able to see which services or products customers went for the most around that time and create promotions related to those products or services for the same period. This can also help you find up-selling or cross-selling opportunities that you might have overlooked before, especially around holiday times. No matter what you are selling, there are always ways to offer your customers those items that they didn't realize they needed before.

Some insight on your customers' interests, where they normally shop and their average incomes can also help you craft your efforts so that they are more targeted. It's far easier to sell to people when you know what they most likely want and are able to afford. This information can help drive everything from your inventory selections to your pricing, sales and promos.

Keep an eye on the competition

Knowing what your competitors are up to can provide you with actionable insights and new retail marketing strategies that will help you to gain a competitive edge. When you take a closer look at the when, where and how of customers shopping at your competitors, you can start to see where their strategies were successful and where they went wrong. This information can be used for your own strategies so you avoid the mistakes your competitors made but still walk away with - or improve on - their wins.

Make your customers feel valued

Customers today want to feel more valued, and they also want to feel as if their patronage is recognized when they come to your store. Of course, your friendly staff can help in this area, but for some busy customers, a faster and more direct approach like a rewards app works just as well and can even bring them into your store. With CatchCoin, you can create and set the terms of your store's own reward campaign, and users who access the app can get rewards for visiting your store. You can also add a reward for proof of purchase to help drive your sales, and the program is simple and easy to use. Campaigns on CatchCoin are all on your terms, and for just $100, you could bring in 100 new people to your business.

Enhance your customers' experiences

The standard retail store of today is now dying a slow death. With online shopping's excitement and convenience, simply putting items on display in your retail store isn't enough anymore. Try adding items to your location to put your customers more at the front and center. You don't need to install expensive tech to do this; if you have games, for example, have a few on display for customers to play with. If you sell items that need to be assembled, create a fun video that shows the assembly and have it play on a TV or monitor behind the corresponding item. The key here is to offer something more to consumers in your store than just a storage space for the goods you are selling.

Targeted marketing and reward apps like CatchCoin can go a long way toward improving your bottom line. By knowing your customers and rewarding them, you can help create stronger brand loyalty, boost foot traffic and turn one-time customers into regulars.