Minute Plan to Help Your Store Increase Foot Traffic in Odd Hours

Minute Plan to Help Your Store Increase Foot Traffic in Odd Hours

Anyone who owns a retail business knows that bringing in foot traffic is crucial. There are all sorts of options for doing so, but user acquisition can be tricky. This is especially true if you want to bring in new customers during odd hours such as late nights. But that doesn’t mean the process is impossible. There are options if you’re willing to try new things, and many of them take only a few moments to implement. We’ll share a few below so you can help your business take off the way you want it to.

Put Up a Unique Window Display

It doesn’t take long at all to build a window display that might draw in customers to your business. Once they’re inside, you can capitalize on that and work to get them to invest in your products or services. Keep in mind a simple display isn’t going to do it. You want to make yourself stand out from the other retail stores nearby. What you need is something that encourages impulse sales and gets the attention of the people who walk by. This is going to be different for everyone, but think on it and you’ll be sure to come up with something.

Utilize Exciting Shopping Apps

Targeted marketing is in when it comes to user acquisition and there is nothing people love more than apps. With options like CatchCoin, customers get rewarded for visiting certain retail establishments. If they decide to purchase something while inside, they’ll get an even bigger reward. It’s a win-win for you: all you have to do is register and you’ll show up for people who are in the vicinity. This can work for a shop open at any time of day if there is foot traffic. You never know--you might even get the business of your competition just for signing up.

Try NFC or QR Codes

Another way to utilize people’s love for their mobile phones is by adding QR codes to your business. QR codes are square barcodes that someone scans to get information about something. So, for instance, your window display could include a QR code that potential customers can scan at any time of day to find your website or order products. You don’t even have to be open to take advantage of this user acquisition option. It may even lead some people to step inside and check out what you have to offer. It’s simple and quick.

Make Your Business Instagram-Worthy

Everyone loves social media and having an interesting exterior could lure in customers wanting to photograph and share it. Choose a color that is big on Instagram and add some nice plants. You could even create a standee that pertains to your business that people can pop their heads through to have a picture taken. Not only will this bring in foot traffic, it will also get your name out across the Internet. When you combine this with things like QR codes and CatchCoin, you can really grow using the technology that people make use of all day long anyway.

Utilize a Mobile POS System

People appreciate when shopping doesn’t take all day. With a mobile point of service system, you can check out customers anywhere in the store so they can make their way to the other errands on their checklist. There’s another perk with these systems in that they often take more payment options than a traditional system. Google Wallet and Apple Pay take only seconds to use, which saves time for your staff and your customers.

Host an Interesting Event

Hosting an event or a workshop will get people in your door and help create a positive reputation for your business. This is a great option especially for newer retail stores. If you own a bookstore, host a writing workshop. If you sell candles, teach customers how to make their own. What matters is creating interest in what you sell. The best workshops are going to be those that require participants to buy your products if they want to keep going with the hobby.

Stay in Touch with Past Customers

You want to keep yourself in the mind of customers who shop at your store. Letting them know about new and exciting offerings is a great way to get them to stop in again. If you host an event, ask participants to sign up for your email. You could even give a discount for doing so to make it seem more exciting. Once you have a mailing list, stay in touch with an e-newsletter offering regular updates about what you are up to.

Most of these options will take only a few minutes and can offer you the foot traffic you sorely need. Sign up for CatchCoin, build a QR code and redesign your window display. One or all of these will have an impact and start bringing in people who perhaps had no idea you were around. While it might take time to see a huge difference, when it takes two minutes to implement an idea, you might as well do it. Good luck!