What is Targeted Marketing Compaigns?

What is a Targeted Marketing Campaign?

A targeted marketing campaign is one that determines a likely audience for its products or services and then uses a variety of ways to directly target that audience with advertisements for those products or services.

Targeted marketing allows for more specific messages to be sent to the audience you are trying to reach. Rather than attempting to appeal to everyone--leaving the message vague and incomplete--targeted marketing strategies appeal to the audience who they know is most likely to use the product or service in a more direct manner.

Why Targeted Marketing Works

A targeted marketing campaign works because it appeals to a demographic that will actually use the services or products being advertised. Whether this is an item that will help make life easier or a conveniently located service, targeted marketing directly appeals to those who can benefit from it and not just a general audience. This helps improve the return on investment of advertising dollars.

Speaking directly to the audience who is most likely to use a product or service allows the brand to tailor their campaign to that audience.

How Targeted Marketing Works

Targeted marketing campaigns can take a variety of forms. They can appeal to a person or business based on geographical location such as local neighborhoods, current location, city, or country, and demographics such as age, gender, educational status. Some campaigns appeal based on personal values, including interests, hobbies or beliefs, and even business industry.

With a chosen focus, marketers can prioritize the key aspects of their product or service that will appeal to that target group.

For example, choosing an audience based on geographical location allows a service like CatchCoin to target and direct foot traffic into a business based on where they are currently located and their proximity to the product or service that a business is offering.

How to Develop Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Identifying your target market is the first step in developing your marketing campaign. Who are the buyers of a product or service? What about the product or service will appeal to them? The more you know about your target market, the more specific you can make the appeal of your product or service. Using the demographics of the target group to focus on the specific aspects of the business that will appeal to them will help make a greater return on the investment of marketing costs.

Once the target market has been identified, a plan can be developed for how, when, and where to get the information about a product or service to them.

During the planning stage, a budget should also be established. This will help determine how your advertising dollars will be spent and the most cost-effective means to get your product or service the attention it needs in order to generate revenue.

Deployment of the Marketing Campaign

Getting the product or service information into the right hands is the final step in a targeted marketing campaign. This is the most difficult part of any marketing campaign, and where the true costs come into play.

There are several ways to target your audience: newspapers, television and radio advertisements are some of the traditional forms of marketing. Targeted marketing works for these platforms, but technology has helped develop some that are even more direct and able to have a greater return on investment than these traditional methods. Using mobile beacons in store locations, mobile apps and even GPS-enabled beacons can help target a specific audience in a target location. Mobile applications such as CatchCoin are a great way to deploy a targeted marketing campaign; they are also one of the most cost-effective.

Tracking the Success of a Marketing Campaign

Tools to measure the success of any campaign are important to determining whether an advertising method is worth continuing. There are a number of ways to measure the success of a marketing campaign. Mobile applications such as CatchCoin often have built-in reporting and analytics to show the direct return on investment that a campaign has yielded.

Having the Right Tools

Having simple and easy to use tools for any marketing campaign means that, with the right tools, you can have a new campaign up and running in a very short amount of time--and you can directly measure the results of that campaign in real time. CatchCoin is one such service that can provide you with the tools to create a marketing campaign tailored for your business from start to finish, allowing you to target the appropriate consumers during the process of setting up a new campaign.

Targeted marketing campaigns are a great way to drive the customers that a business is most likely to need for success, and using the appropriate tools for that campaign are important. Finding the target market, developing a plan to appeal directly to that market, and utilizing the tools that will drive traffic towards a specific product or service are all key components of a successful campaign. Businesses thrive on this type of marketing, and it is one you likely see on a daily basis.