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What is proximity marketing?

Proximity marketing is a type of marketing that uses potential shoppers' locations and the location-based services in their smartphones to target them with information that will entice them toward a particular place, service, or product.

Proximity marketing can take many forms, such as handing out flyers in specific areas, hiring sign spinners, or even using beacons to target Bluetooth devices nearby.

Proximity marketing is an effective tool for getting the word out quickly to a group in a specific location, typically in a place where they would be likely to use the services immediately or in the very near future.

CatchCoinTM uses location-based technology and allows smartphone users to receive information about a promotion, service or product that is close to their GPS location as indicated on their mobile device. With an estimated 250 million users in North America, this is a significant market to tap for potential customers and a great tool for targeting people who are nearby and may be interested in your products or services.

CatchCoinTM proximity marketing uses electronic communications that is more cost-effective than more conventional mediums such as mass mailing, telemarketing, radio or TV ads, which all include a significant and ongoing cost. CatchCoinTM mobile user acquisition is measured in different ways. Depending on your budget and strategy, your billing can be a very small amount, making these campaigns very cost-effective with a high return on investment. CatchCoinTM Location-based mobile marketing is a great platform and tool whose market continues to grow as the number of smartphone users increases.